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We have given out student Edmodo accounts to our 2nd through 5th grade students. We discussed our expectations as digital learners to get us started with this learning network. Students have grade level specific guidelines in their binders to remind them of our expectations. We use it as a safe way for us to connect, share content, access websites and resources, participate in whole-class discussions and receive class information. The site encourages student writing as they participate in online discussions, answer teacher and student questions, and more. We are excited about all the learning that is occurring on Edmodo.

At the elementary level, we encourage parents to sit with their child while the student is logged in to Edmodo. This allows the parent to be a part of the learning. We respectfully request that parents not post on Edmodo. Students were also given very specific guidelines about their passwords, profile pictures and settings. Parents are able to setup a parent Edmodo account that gives them a very limited view if they would like. Please see the directions below.

1st grade student Edmodo logins/information will be going home on Tuesday, October 1st with those students who have parental permission. Our Kindergarten Edmodo logins will be ready by mid-October. We are still missing some Edmodo permission forms for these two grade levels so please check your Tuesday folder to see if there is an Edmodo form for you to return.  Kindergarten and 1st grade parents will not need to set up a parent Edmodo account.

Setting up Parent Edmodo Logins (2nd – 5th grade)  – Very LIMITED View
We recommend that you look on with your child when they login at the elementary level.

Have your child login to their student Edmodo account (see front of their agenda).
On the left side of the Edmodo screen when the child is logged in, you will see a box that says parent code. Write down this code.

Log out of the student account at the top right.  If you already have a parent account, login and select Add a student.

If you don’t already have a parent Edmodo account, go to the website lexington1.edmodo.com, click on the Parent Sign Up link at the bottom.

Type in the parent code you wrote down from your child’s account. Fill out the relation, select a username, password etc… An email address is required for this step.

Click on Sign up. This will give you access to the classes that your child is a member.

We encourage you to sit with your child as they login to Edmodo using their student account but please remember that the student is the only one allowed to post, reply, etc…. We respectfully request that parents communicate with teachers through email, notes, and phone messages. Posting and replying on Edmodo is intended as a student communication tool.

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