Classroom Visits

Parents are always welcome to observe in the classrooms; however, it is important not to interrupt instructional activities and supervision for which our teachers are responsible. Please write a note or request a conference rather than ask a teacher to stop teaching or supervising students for a quick question or chat. When observing in the classroom, parents should not bring small children who may easily become restless or disruptive.

If parents request a classroom visit to observe instruction, we request they notify the teacher as a courtesy so the teacher can give them an idea of the time she will be teaching a particular subject and/or skill. Typically, a parent may request a visit after a teacher or guidance conference in which a child’s behavior has been discussed or something about the instruction the parent may not understand.

We discourage parent requests to visit classroom without a particular purpose because of the interruption to instruction. We suggest that parents volunteer in the classroom or with an activity or special event. However, in unusual circumstances, an unannounced classroom visit may be granted by an administrator and accompanied by an administrator during the brief visit.

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