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More projects are “in progress” and coming soon!

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Augmented RealityCheck out Ms. Allen and Mrs. Decell’s Book Talks using Augmented Reality on display near the 4th grade classrooms. You will need the Aurasma app to scan these projects and must subscribe to our Learning Commons channel. Directions are available near the display.

Check out Ms. Spires’ 4th Grade (Decell HR) Presidential Research by scanning the QR code next to the portraits in the Cafeteria. presidential image Students created a video to share their research along with their artwork. You will need a QR Code Scan app like iNigma or Qrafter.

Our students have been using lots of different apps and strategies to demonstrate their learning. Find out more about these projects and the others listed below on our school blog.

Mrs. Lucas’ 5th Graders Design and Test 3-D Printing Projects

Mrs. Leaphart’s 3rd Graders Creating Soil Posters

Mrs. Woods’ 1st Graders Create Noun Posters

Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Young’s 1st Graders Mo Willems Videos

Mrs. Gill & Mrs. Roebuck’s 5th Graders Skype with Scientists in Switzerland

Mrs. Miles & Mrs. Williams’ 1st Graders Retell Fairy Tales

Popplet ProjectMrs. Hendrix & Ms. Kirlough’s 2nd Graders Create Popplets/Graphic Organizers Based on Research

Mrs. Morgan’s 2nd Graders Create Magnet Posters

Mrs. Webster’s 2nd Graders Create Facetalk Videos on Biography Research

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