Mrs. Lucas’ Students Take the Plunge with 3-D Printing

Lucas 3D Design Ship Test 002As a way to integrate what student have learned with our STEMS Unit- Taking the Plunge:  Designing Submersibles, students from Mrs. Lucas’ 5th grade classroom collaborated with ZVerse 3D printing to design an ocean-going vessel that will be able to carry cargo from Europe to the United States. ZVerse is a 3D printing company located in Columbia, SC. In our STEMS unit, students learned about density, displacement, and the engineering design process.  Our students used this knowledge to help design a product for a ZVerse client.  Students turned drawings of their product design to ZVerse. ZVerse created a 3-D model of each group’s design and students will then test their designs to see if they meet the requirements.  Students created a movie to explain their vessel and process.
Lucas 3D Design Ship Test 017
Click here to view the student videos. 

On Tuesday, March 25th, Z-Verse delivered the vessel models to our school. We invited parents and administrators to test the vessels with their “cargo”. Several vessels were able to float, while students were able to brainstorm and evaluate why their vessel did not float. We used an iPad and our Apple TV so students and parents were able to view the tests on a larger screen in the Learning Commons.

Our Vessels on the Zverse website.

Lucas 3D Design Ship Test 004 Lucas 3D Design Ship Test 009 Lucas 3D Design Ship Test 011 Lucas 3D Design Ship Test 015

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