LES Student Council Sponsors a “Howl”iday Service Project

LES Student Council is sponsoring a “Howl”iday Service Project with Stuffing Stockings forPaals PAALS. This service project is from December 1st – 17th. PAALS is an organization that trains animals to assist people with disabilities. Service dogs help a person with physical challenges gain greater independence. These dogs assist by picking up dropped items, opening doors, turning on lights, or retrieving a phone.

Students can bring in dog toys, treats and supplies to place in a stocking in their classroom.

Santa Paws Wish List:
Kong toys
Pet store gift cards
Jolly Balls, Buster Cubes, any puzzle feeders
Gift cards to Lowes or Home Depot
White computer paper
Dog toothpaste
Purple or green 6′ leashes
Laundry detergent
Toilet Paper
Seventh Generation multi-purpose cleaner
Distilled vinegar-large jugs
Natural Balance or Pet Botanics Lamb Rolls
Office supply gift cards
Easy Rider Dog Seatbelts
Simple Green

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