1st Grade’s Definition of Love

Love-in-a-heartLove is…

By: Mrs. Young’s 1st Grade Class

When your dog licks you.

Being nice to others. Being with your family.

When I got a black eye, and my sister gave me a hug.

Love is when Bella hugs me.

When my family tucks me into bed. My dog comes in my bed to nap with me.

Hugs, kisses, and licks from Sadie.

My mom tucks me in my bed every night.

When you go to your Grandma’s and you give her a big hug or when it is your mom or dad’s birthday and you get them a present.

Love is when you’re upset. Love is when they hug you.

When my mom comes in and tucks me in.

Love is when your mom kisses you at night.

When my mom kisses me.

When I walk from my door, my dog and cat lick me. My cat just goes somewhere else in the house.

When someone cares about you like when my mom gives me a kiss.

When my mom tucks me in bed.

Love is when your mom and daddy kiss you at bedtime.

When my mom tucks me in bed.

When my mommy gives me a hug.

When God helps us.

A big hug.

To be with your family and eat out at Bellacinos.

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