Les, the Wildcat’s Job Shadowing Adventures

LES JS1The School Counselors at Lexington Elementary wanted the students to have fun opportunity learning about the many different careers in our community so we started a program called Les the Wildcat Job Shadowing Adventures. Les is a small stuffed animal that is hunting for the “purr”fect job. Each week Les goes home with a different 2nd – 5th grade student.  During his weeklong visit, Les takes a field trip to their parents’ work and does some “on the job” training while learning about their career. The student’s LES JS4parent takes pictures of Les trying out the different activities associated with their career such as driving a forklift at Lowes or talking to Governor Haley as a Lobbyist. He is interested in the many things they do and what subjects he needs to study in order to do these jobs. He can’t wait to grow up so he can have a career that he enjoys!

LES JS3When Les returns from his field trip, the student presents to their class a report with a poster including pictures of all the things in which Les learned about the career.  A bulletin board is in the front hallway for students to view the posters and see the pictures of Les’ adventures. I also videotape their presentation and then add a QR code to the student poster for others to scan and watch the video. Students can also watch the videos on our TV in the front hallway.

Les actually started his adventures last year. Some of the job shadowing experiences he has been on are: State House Lobbyist, Insurance Agent, Fire Captain, Sled Agent, Cosmetologist, Organic Farmer, Art Conservationist, Sales Manager, Historical LES JS3Archivist, Nurse, Assistant Principal, Bank Operations, Physical Therapist, Telecommunications, Kindergarten Teacher and a Tattoo Artist.

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