LES Will Celebrate Veterans Day on Thursday, November 10th


LES students are encouraged to invite a Veteran (a family member, close family friend, or neighbor) as their special guest to participate in this event honoring our local veterans. The event will include light refreshments, a school-wide parade, and a ceremony.

If your child is able to bring a Veteran to our celebration, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this letter. You can cut the bottom form off and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher. Please return it by Friday, October 28th. Guests should plan to arrive at LES by 7:40 AM on Thursday, November 10th.

LES will also create a “Wall of Honor” to display in our school to celebrate our Veterans and soldiers who cannot be with us on this Veterans Day Celebration. In order for us to create our “Wall of Honor,”please get a “Wall of Honor” form from the office (or linked on page 2 below), complete it, and return it by Friday, October 28th. Please include a copy of a photo (not original) and put your student’s name on the back of the photo. The photo will be returned to you after Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Guest Form and Wall of Honor Template

Info from our 5th Grade Veterans Day Committee: 

Don’t forget about our Veterans Day parade coming up on November 10th at 8 am.  Don’t forget to invite your family members that served or are still serving in the military to join you in walking in the parade.   Tell your guest to wear any of their uniforms, jackets, or hats for the parade.  Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts are welcomed to  walk in the parade as well.  If you have a guest or are a scout, all you have to do it fill out your Veterans Day Letter

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