Charged Meals Policy 

Procedures for handling charged meals in elementary and secondary schools are developed for the purpose of dealing with this situation on a consistent basis so the student “customer” will not be embarrassed or humiliated. “Charged meals” are defined as meals which cannot be properly accounted for because the student has no money. Students may charge up to $10.00 in meals. Notification through School Messenger will be used to notify parents of account balances with less than $10.00 weekly. Any child on paid or reduced status with a negative $10.00 balance will be served an alternate meal until the balance is paid in full unless arrangements have been made with the school principal and/or food service manager to make installment payments. Students on free meal status with a negative balance always receive a regular meal. All students with a negative balance cannot buy anything extra (a la carte items). Adults are encouraged to deposit money into their accounts. Adults may not charge more than $10.00.
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