NEW / Changes this year! Please read!

Changes to LES this year:

We want to welcome our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Michelle Zee.  Mrs. Zee will be working with our 3rd-5th grades.  Mrs. Prezzy will work with our 5K-2nd grades.

Afternoon am/pm pick up:  Safety for our students is always a primary concern at LES. Therefore, we will no longer allow parents or guardians to park and “walk-up” to take custody of their children from the dismissal line. We encourage parents to remain in their vehicle and drive through the car line to pick up their child. This change is for both the front and back car lines.  No more walk-ups.

Attendance:  The SC State Department of Education has developed new guidelines regarding attendance for elementary school students. Students must be present for 50% of the school day to be counted present. If a student arrives late and/or is dismissed early, they may accrue enough minutes to receive credit for a full school day. For example, a full school day is 405 minutes…to receive credit for a full day of school a student must attend 203 minutes of that school day.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for District guidelines and school policies.

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