LES 3rd grade class featured in DEN Voices Connect 3 song video

Mrs. Scott’s 3rd grade students participated at the end of last year in a virtual choir as part of the DEN Voices Connect project. This is a passion project for the Discovery Educator Network. Classrooms from around the United States and the world learned and practiced the same song, recorded and submitted their video to the project. The students recorded this with Tricia Hood, now retired music teacher and Suzanne Brooks, former digital learning coach.
The final virtual video was released last week featuring Lexington Elementary along with students from North Carolina, Wisconsin, Canada, and Antigua and Barbuda. The students performed “We Might Heal” from Plank Road Publishing by Teresa Jennings. The timing of the virtual video’s completion coincided with the devastation in the Houston. We didn’t know that this song would be so timely right now. The DEN Voices Project decided to dedicate this to the students affected by Hurricane Harvey!
DEN Voices Video: 
For more information- www.denvoicesconnect.com.
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