2018-2019 School Suppy List for LES

Lexington Elementary School
2018-19 School Supply List

BOOKBAG that zips or closes securely (Labeled with child’s name).  Book bag must be
large enough to hold a folder and library book.  PLEASE! NO BOOKBAGS ON WHEELS!
(Please do not label items with child’s name)
2 solid color plastic folders with pockets (no prongs)
2 speckled composition books
12 glue sticks
4 boxes of 24-count crayons
1 pink rectangular eraser
Girls – Ziploc quart size bags
Boys – Ziploc gallon size bags

1st Grade:
1.5 inch white, clear front vinyl 3-ring binders
4 boxes of 24-count crayons
3 – speckled composition notebooks
2 pink rectangular erasers
1 plastic pencil box  (6”x9”)
8 glue sticks
1 highlighter
1 red, plastic pocket folder (no brads)
1 pair of ear buds (can be purchased at $1 store)
Plastic baggies  (girls – gallon size, boys – sandwich size)
*Please label pencil box, and ear buds only with child’s name

2nd Grade:
2 packs of 3×3 sticky notes
1-3 highlighters
1 pack wide-ruled notebook paper
1 plastic pencil box (approx.. 5 X 8 inches),
4 glue sticks
1 red pocket folder without brads
2 composition notebooks – wide ruled
2 boxes crayons (24 pack)
Sheet protectors (24 count)
One 1 ½ inch clear view binder
1 package of gallon size bags
Ear buds – (can be purchased from $1 store)

3rd Grade:
One 1 inch clearview binder
One 12 pack colored pencils
One 24 pack of crayons
1 clipboard with a flat clip
4 pack of glue sticks
2 plastic pocket folders with prongs
Small pencil box (approximately 5” X 8”)
1 pack of plastic tab dividers (set of 5)
2 composition books (black and white speckled)
3 wide ruled spiral notebooks
Ear buds –can be purchased from $1 store
Boys – quart size bags
Girls – snack size bags

4th Grade:
(One) 1½ inch 3-ring binder
1 pack of 5 subject dividers
2 packs loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)
1 pack of 12 colored pencils OR 24 pack of crayons
1 pack of 8 colored markers
1 pencil bag (no boxes please)
8 glue sticks
3 composition notebooks
1 highlighter
3 packs of 3×3 sticky notes
Ear Buds (can be purchased at $1 store)

 5th Grade:
(One) 1½ inch 3-ring clear view binder with pockets
1 five count pack of subject tabs
3 pocket folders  (red, yellow, green)
3-4 packs loose leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)
1 package highlighters
Sticky notes
Colored pencils
Glue sticks
1 composition notebook
1 spiral notebook
Ear buds (can be purchase at $1.00 store

(One) 1 inch clear view binder
2 individual dividers
4 glue sticks

Please note:  Many students complete the school year with the quantities indicated.  However, if your child uses all of these items during the year, please provide additional quantities.

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