LES Birthday Book Club is Back!

We will be selling Birthday Books Sunday!  Please bring exact change or check for $15 if you would like to sign up Sunday!

Celebrate your child’s birthday by joining the LES Birthday Book Club!
By joining the LES Birthday Book Club, your child will:

  • Choose a book from the special Birthday Book Club cart in the Learning Commons
  • Have his or her name placed on a bookplate inside the front cover of the book
  • Be the first to check out that book from our library
  • Get a special birthday prize

Complete the form (linked) below and send it back to school along with your contribution of $15.00 (please make checks payable to LES).  Your child will select a book from our LES Birthday Book Club cart. Your child will be the first to check out their book!  After your child has shared the book with family, they will return the book to the LES Learning Commons for many other children to read and enjoy. The book will have a label indicating that it was a birthday book to your child.  Joining the Birthday Book Club is a great way to celebrate a birthday and will help our library build a supply of new and exciting books. If you have any questions, please let us know!


Birthday Book Club form, click to print a copy, complete and return to LES!

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