October 17th is now a full day!

October 12, 2018


Dear Parents:

As you know, students missed another first semester school day on Thursday, Oct. 11th, due to Hurricane Michael.

We are not yet ready to announce when we will make up that day, and simply adding another day to the end of the second semester does not solve our first-semester students’ need for more instructional time.

In order to make sure our students do not miss any more instructional time, we will cancel the Collaborative Planning Day scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 17th, and make it a full school day for students. By doing that, we will recover some instructional time.

Schools will dismiss at their normal time on Wednesday, Oct. 17th. There will be no early dismissal and no collaborative planning.

Please note that this change to Oct. 17th cannot serve as a makeup day — as it was already a scheduled school day.

Thanks for your patience.

Mary Beth Hill, Chief Communications Office

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