Henry Cole, author and illustrator, coming February 28th!

Lexington Elementary School is honored to host, author and illustrator, Henry Cole!  Mr. Cole will be here Thursday, February 28th, for two assemblies, K-2nd and 3rd-5th.During his presentations he will be addressing the students as well as demonstrating how he creates his art!  It’s going to be a very dynamic event! There will be an opportunity to meet the author and have your books signed between the assemblies.

Henry Cole is the author of 15 children’s books.  He has also collaborated with other authors to illustrate over 90 books!  We will be pre-selling four of his most recent books, Try A Little Kindness, A Nest for Celeste, Another Quest for Celeste, and Unspoken.  

Henry Cole is a self-taught artist who grew up on a dairy farm in Virginia.  He enjoyed art as a child and would make birthday cards for friends and family.  He never went to school for art, but his mother was an illustrator who gave him advice.  Cole most often uses a cartoon-like style with vivid colors. Before becoming an author/illustrator he was a science teacher for 15 years.  

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