LES Handbook 2019-2020

Parents, please familiarize yourself with the attached, Lexington Elementary Handbook. This is designed to supplement the Lexington County School District One policies.

You will find that this document may answer many of the questions you may have.

Welcome to Lexington Elementary School!

We hope this will be a successful and exciting year for you. Many questions you might have can be answered in the following pages that include important information about our school policies and procedures. This information is intended to supplement the Lexington County School District One policies. We suggest that parents and students review this information together. Please visit our district/school website for additional information at www.lexington1.net. We feel that an open and clear line of communication is important to the success of our students. Best wishes for a successful school year.

James H. Hamby, Principal

Alicia Prezzy (Pre-school-Grade 2), Assistant Principal

Michele Zee (Grades 3-5 & Special Ed.), Assistant Principal

Lynn Dempsey, IB Coordinator & Gifted and Talented

Michele Grahn (Grades: 5K, 2 & 4) & Michelle Privette (Grades 1, 3 & 5) School Counselors

Contact Information

116 Azalea Drive, Lexington, SC 29072    803-821-4000 phone    803-821-4003 fax

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lexingtonelemsc

School Hours

Office Hours: 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  Building Opens @ 7:00 a.m.  Breakfast 7:00-7:30 a.m.

School begins 7:40 a.m. (Students are considered tardy if they are not in their classroom at 7:40 a.m.)

Dismissal: 5K & Grade 1 – 2:20 p.m.          Grades 2-5 – 2:25 p.m.


Mission Statement

The mission of Lexington Elementary School, in partnership with our community, is to develop in an enriched learning environment, life-long learners for the ever-changing world who demonstrate the International Baccalaureate attributes and attitudes of responsible citizens in a global society.


Lexington County School District One is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all students, parents/legal guardians, staff, visitors,

personnel and community members who participate or seek to participate in its programs or activities. Therefore, the district does not discriminate against any individual

on the basis of race, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or any related medical conditions), color, disability, age, genetic information, national origin, or any other

applicable status protected by local, state, or federal law. The district will use the grievance procedures set forth in policy to process complaints based on alleged violations

of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation

Act of 1973; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967; the Equal Pay Act of 1963; the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination

Act of 2008; and Titles I and II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The district designates specific individuals to handle inquiries or complaints. To find out who to contact and how to contact them,

please go to our website at http://www.lexington1.net/contact-us.

ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY: Parents/guardians have the obligation to ensure that their children attend school.  Students are expected to be on time for school, attend school on a regular basis and be prepared for all classes. Regular attendance on the part of students is vital to the process of learning. Students who arrive after 7:40 a.m. will require a parent to sign them in tardy.

BREAKFAST/LUNCH PROGRAMS (Additional information in district student/parent handbook)                                                                                                                                              Special needs-If your child’s medical condition requires special food requirements (such as food allergies) parents must provide a doctor’s note to the cafeteria manager.

Biometric Identification– Biometric identification is an automated method of identifying a person based upon physical or behavioral characteristics. Our school has selected the identiMetrics Biometric Finger Scanning Identification System because it is secure, accurate, cost-effective and non-intrusive. Using a finger scanner, the software scans certain unique points on the finger to create and store individual templates that identify each student.  When the student returns, the software again scans the finger and looks for a match in the database. When a match is found, the student is identified. We are not fingerprinting the students. The software scans the finger for identification. It does not store a copy of the fingerprints.  Instead, the software creates a template of the unique points on the finger. The template is converted to a unique number and is stored in the school’s database with the same high level of security of all of our records.  The templates are also protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  When a child graduates or are no longer enrolled in the school system, the templates are deleted.  At no time is a fingerprint image stored.  No finger scans can recreate or deliver fingerprints to any agency – governmental or otherwise.

Free/Reduced Meal ProgramEach year a new Free/Reduced application is required even if a student received Free/Reduced meals last year. A new application must be completed each year for each child in the household. Parents are responsible for all breakfast/lunch fees not covered by the free/reduced meals program. Until notified, parents must purchase all meals at regular price or bring a lunch from home.                                                                                                                                                                          

Meal Charges –Lexington School District One policy does not allow a student to have a negative balance of more than two (2) meal or $6 on the meal card.  Once this happens, the student may be served an alternate meal of cheese sandwich, fruit and water.  Another option is for the student to bring a lunch from home.  Students that have a negative meal balance will not be allowed to purchase al-a-carte items.

CHANGE OF FAMILY INFORMATION OR ADDRESS: Any time your address, phone number or emergency contact information changes it is essential that you notify the school office. This is especially important in case of an emergency.

CONFERENCES: Conferences and regular contact are highly encouraged. Please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a conference time. If after conferencing with the teacher first and a parent needs additional assistance a conference with an administrator may be scheduled to discuss the specific concern/problem. It is highly recommended that you discuss issues with your child’s teacher first.

DISCIPLINE (Additional information in district student/parent handbook under Safety &Discipline.)  An effective academic climate requires a positive environment for students and teachers to work together. Our goal at LES is to help each child develop the self-discipline to be successful in today’s ever-changing society. Our discipline plan, with its rules, rewards and consequences, is designed to protect students, enhance the learning environment, and help students learn to accept responsibility for their behavior.  At the beginning of the year, these rules are reviewed by the administration and teachers with the children.

BUS DISCIPLINE: By state law, the school bus driver is in charge of the bus they drive. Violations of school bus rules will be addressed by possible suspension from the bus.

While on the bus, students should

• obey the driver

• sit in your assigned seat and remain seated while the bus is in motion

• face the front

• keep your hands and feet to yourself

• behave in an orderly fashion and refrain from shouting

EARLY DISMISSAL: Early dismissal must occur prior to 1:45 p.m., students may be signed out by a parent or authorized adult through the main office with proper identification prior to 1:45 p.m. No students will be dismissed after 1:45 p.m. except for emergencies and approved by an administrator. At no time may students be dismissed directly from the classroom.

FEES: School fees are set by the LCSD1 Board of Trustees and are due at Class Assignment Day. For students who have not paid school fees, owe lunch money, lost/damaged textbooks or library books their report card may be held each nine weeks and will not be issued at the end of the year until fees are paid and/or books returned in good condition.

LOST AND FOUND: Lost and found items are located on a rack in the cafe. The school is not responsible for articles lost or stolen; however, we will assist in recovery.  Please make sure your child’s name is on all items.  At the winter break and at the end of the school year unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.

CELEBRATION: Classroom celebrations are held twice a year-immediately prior to Winter Break and at the end of the school year. Including cleanup, they will be approximately one hour in length. Homeroom parents are encouraged to coordinate these activities with homeroom teachers. Cash donations from students for celebration supplies are discouraged.

SECURITY: For the protection of our students, there is a keyless entry for teachers & staff on the back doors of the main building. The main entrance is a secured entrance and all parents/visitors will report to the office and obtain a visitor’s sticker to be worn while in the building. No student should be outside the main building unattended during the school day.

BULLYING BEHAVIOR: Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others. Bullying can happen in many different ways. It is repeatedly doing, saying, or acting in a way that hurts someone or makes him feel bad on purpose. Emotional bullying can even occur among groups of friends. Emotional bullies use relationships, words, and gestures to hurt others’ feelings. Bullying usually involves three individuals or groups: the bully, the victim, and the by-stander. Bullying is scary and embarrassing. It can even make you feel as if it is your fault, but it is not! We will not tolerate anyone to bully anyone else at LES. If you feel you are being bullied or have witnessed someone bullying another student, you should tell an adult. Reporting this type behavior to an adult is not tattling. Tattling is when you want to get someone in trouble. When you report bullying, you are helping yourself or someone else. It is important to know and understand the difference.

BUS TRANSPORTATION: Contact Bus Transportation (821-1340) for information about bus numbers, routes, and schedules and to arrange for a child to ride the bus. Visitors must not be in the bus loop area during afternoon dismissal.

MORNING CAR RIDERS’ TRAFFIC INFORMATION: From Azalea Drive: enter the driveway in a single file line and use the right lane as the drop off lane only. Children must exit the vehicle from the passenger side anywhere along the sidewalk and enter the building through the main entrance.  Parents wishing to enter the building must park in a designated parking spaces or the graveled lot.

From School Drive: Beginning at 7:15 a.m. enter the Bus Driveway and pull up to the end of the covered walkway, which is the only student drop off area.  Students are not allowed to cross the Bus Driveway. The staff parking lot is not a student drop-off area. Parents wishing to enter the building must do so from the main school entrance on Azalea Drive.

TRANSPORTATION CHANGES: Transportation changes should be made only in emergencies. To reduce your child’s anxiety they should know how they are going home before they arrive to school. Acceptable ways for transportation changes home:

  • Written notes from parents/guardians to the teacher
  • By phone to the office prior to 1:45 p.m. Last 4 digits of child’s social security # may be required for verification
  • Not acceptable: emails/texts to the teacher or office staff

VISITORS/VOLUNTEERS: Parents and visitors are welcome to visit during the school day. We believe the best way for you to learn about our school is by volunteering and attending your child’s school activities and events. For the safety of our students, all visiting adults must enter the building using the main entrance doors and provide a driver’s license, which will be scanned in the main office. A picture visitor’s label will be issued and must be visibly worn at all times during the visit or on field trips. Following a visit or field trip, parents and visitors must return to the main office to sign out and exit the building using the main entrance doors.We encourage parents to volunteer in classrooms, the Learning Commons, PTA, chaperone field trips, etc. All those who volunteer regularly or on a one-time basis must complete a Volunteer Profile form, which can be obtained from the LES school office.

FORGOTTEN ITEMS: Forgotten assignments, books, or other items brought to the office will be placed in the teacher’s box. Parents will not be allowed to deliver the items to the classroom. Students will not be called to the office because of the interruption it would cause to instruction in the classroom. Lunch boxes brought to the office should have the student’s name and the teacher’s name taped to the box. They should be brought to school before 10:15 a.m. so they can be taken to the cafeteria.

CLASSROOM VISITS: Parents are welcome to observe in the classrooms; however, it is important not to interrupt instructional activities and supervision for which our teachers are responsible. Please write a note or request a conference rather than ask a teacher to stop teaching or supervising students for a quick question or chat. When observing in the classroom, parents should not bring small children who may easily become restless or disruptive. Cell phones should be turned off.

If parents request a classroom visit to observe instruction, we require that the teacher be notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  The teacher and parent will determine what time the observation will take place, to ensure that the observation will take place during an instructional block.  The planned observation will also allow the teacher to inform the students of the “visitor “that will be in the classroom.  This will help to minimize any disruption to classroom instruction.  Typically, a parent may request a visit after a teacher or guidance conference in which a child’s behavior has been discussed or something about the instruction the parent may not understand.

We discourage parental requests to visit classroom without a particular purpose because of the interruption to instruction. We suggest that parents volunteer in the classroom or with an activity or special event. However, in unusual circumstances an unannounced classroom visit may be granted by an administrator and accompanied by an administrator during the brief visit.

LUNCH VISITS: Beginning Sept. 3, parents wishing to eat lunch with their child should sign-in in the office and then wait in the cafeteria to meet their child’s class as they come to lunch. A separate table has been designated for parents and their child.

We ask that parents not visit classrooms or eat lunch with students during the first two weeks of school so that students may learn and practice procedures without interruptions.

Visitors may not accompany classes back to the classroom or to the playground after lunch without special permission from an administrator. Parents/Family may begin visiting for lunch starting on Sept. 3.

TEXTBOOKS: the State Department of Education provides one set of free textbooks for each student. Payment for lost/damaged textbooks is the parents/guardians responsibility.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: A classroom supply list is prepared by each grade level annually. Check our school website for an updated supply list.

MEDICATION POLICY: In order to accommodate your child’s medical needs, and ensure the safety of all students, parents should not send any medication on the school bus or with students. The school nurse cannot send medication home by students at the end of the day. Students found with medications may be referred to the school office. Parents must bring all medicine to the health room, in the original labeled container. Prescription medications can only be given as prescribed and must be accompanied by a district permission form completed & signed by the doctor.  Over the counter medications must be administered per label directions for age & weight and must be accompanied by the district permission form filled out by the parent.  The school does not supply any medication for students. Medications given once or twice a day should be given at home.

HOMEWORK: Homework is a vital part of the total learning process. Your teachers will communicate these expectations to you during the first week of school. The following list serves as a reminder about the importance of homework:

• provides essential practice in needed skills

• trains students in good work habits

• affords opportunities for increasing self-direction

• enriches and extends school experience

• Helps students learn to budget time

• promotes growth in responsibility

MAKE-UP WORK GUIDELINES: It is the student’s responsibility to make up work missed due to absences. Students will be given an opportunity to make up work during the first week following the return to school. Except in extreme circumstances, this make-up work must be completed within that week. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments need to be made up and for completing them within the deadline.  For students who have missed more than 2 or 3 days, teachers will be glad to assemble make-up work after school as requested by parents. Parents may call the office and request that make up work be sent to the office. Usually work can be picked up after 3:00 p.m. on the day of the request. If you have a planned absence and want schoolwork, you must request this in writing to the teacher at least 2 day notice.

SCHOOL DRESS: LES has established a basic structure for determining appropriate dress standards for students. Clothing should not be so immodest or inappropriate to the school setting as to disrupt the educational process. Therefore, the school will not permit clothing deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive. This includes (but is not limited to) bare midriffs, halter/tank tops, spaghetti straps and see-through shirts, tops or blouses.

The school will not permit clothing that displays vulgar, obscene or otherwise inappropriate symbols, language or wording. The school will not permit clothing or accessories (i.e., book bags, jewelry, hats, etc.) that display or refer to alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances. Students may not wear or display gang attire, colors or symbols on clothing or accessories. Under most conditions, students may not wear bandanas, hats, head stockings or kerchiefs while on campus or attending school-sponsored events/ activities. Religious headgear is allowed. Students must wear proper shoes at all times. Students may wear special dress or costumes for specific events or special occasions, when approved by the principal. During the regular school day, students’ athletic attire, such as tennis, track, cheerleading outfits, etc., must conform to all other regulations of the dress code. Students may not wear accessories/clothing that could pose a safety threat including heavy chains, fishhooks, multi-finger rings, studded bracelets or collars, nose or lip-to-ear chains, etc. The school does not allow unusual body piercings that disrupt the order of school or that disturb the learning environment. Students may not wear overly tight or shorter than fingertip- or mid-thigh-length shorts, skirts, skorts or dresses. The district does not allow bike shorts unless worn under another pair of shorts. Students must wear pants at the natural waistline. Undergarments should not show and should not be worn outside of clothing. LES administrators make the final judgment on appropriateness of any student’s dress and reserve the right to prohibit any clothing/accessory disruptive to their school.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: As a rule, students should not bring toys, electronic devices or games to school. Cell phones and cell phone watches may not be used at school. They must be turned off and kept in book bags. If phones or phone watches are visible, they will be confiscated and returned to parents. Teachers may allow, however, the instructional use of personal communication devices during the school day. Possession of weapons (including pocketknives) and weapon-like items (including toy guns) may result in recommendation for expulsion from school. All personal belongings (including coats, book bags, and lunch boxes) should be clearly labeled with the child’s first and last name.

GUIDANCE PROGRAMS: Your school counselors work with the staff to support and guide our students as they grow and learn. Classroom guidance lessons focus on the IB Learner Profile. Lessons are taught to all students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Throughout the year, students may be invited to participate in small groups with their school counselor. Individual counseling is also available for those who would like to meet with their counselor.

USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Students have access to many valuable instructional technology tools; however, access to technology is a privilege, not a right. With this privilege comes a responsibility to use this access solely for educational purposes and not for inappropriate purposes. At the beginning of the school year, students will receive information about the appropriate use of technology, the district network, and technology safety. Our goal is to teach students to utilize these electronic resources to enhance our school’s instructional goals. Users will not access inappropriate materials. Students who violate the technology policy or otherwise misuse technology will be subject to disciplinary action and the loss of technology privileges.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE AND MOMENT OF SILENCE:  Teachers will involve students in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and observing a moment of silence each day. South Carolina law requires this.

SCHOOL E-NEWSLETTER: LES publishes an e-newsletter called Smores. The e-newsletter will be emailed/texted to parents with active email accounts.  Please read each newsletter carefully as events for the month ahead will be highlighted.  The breakfast and lunch can be located at the district website. Weekly email blast will be sent to active accounts.

SNACKS AT SCHOOL AND CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS:  The SC Student Health and Fitness Act prohibits foods of minimal nutritional value and carbonated beverages from being sold or given away on school premises by the school, non-school organizations, teachers, parents, or any other person or group during the school day.

We do want to celebrate student’s birthdays at school, and we want students to feel special and recognized.  However, we also want our children to be healthy and physically fit.  Therefore, we are asking parents to send nutritious treats if they desire to send a snack for their child’s birthday celebration.  Snacks must have nutrition label visible. Items such as pencils, crayons, etc. can also be given as birthday treats. You may purchase individually wrapped cupcakes from our cafeteria manager that meet the nutritional standards.  Please contact your child’s teacher before sending snacks to school for the class.

The following foods and similar food items are on the approval list of snacks for District One Cafeterias.  These items meet Nutrition Standards set forth in the SC Students Health and Fitness Act or K-5 and Lexington One Schools and Nutrition Standards set forth in Lexington County School District One’s Wellness Policy.

TEACHER-LED COLLABORATIVE PLANNING/EARLY RELEASE DAYS:  During Teacher-Led Collaborative Planning, teachers work together to creatively discuss and solve educational issues, determine solutions and plan instruction.  The focus is on improving teaching and learning. Teachers will work in grade level or subject area groups.  They will review instructional materials, plan for specific instructional interventions for students, plan detailed academic teaching strategies, or, if requested by teachers, receive training on an instructional concept, instructional materials, or instructional equipment.

Teachers will participate in Teacher-Led Collaborative Planning multiple times throughout the school year.  Lunch will be served on these days.  Elementary students will be dismissed at 11:40 a.m.

Buses will take students home on Teacher-Led Collaborative Planning days.  If you cannot pick up your child from school at 11:40 on these days, the school will provide supervised childcare until the regular dismissal time.  You must pick up your child by 2:25.

SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS:  LES, like all schools in Lexington School District One, is a smoke-free campus.  Parents, visitors, and staff members are not permitted to smoke on this campus. This includes e-cigarettes too.

RECESS: Outdoor recesses are scheduled most days. When temperatures are higher than 95 degrees or lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, recesses may be altered or cancelled. Students’ clothing should be suitable for outside play activities. For example, sandals, flip-flops and open toe shoes are not appropriate for outside play. Be sure to have coats or jackets for cold weather days.

We want our students to enjoy a safe playground and recreational environment. It is your responsibility to use the playground equipment safely. Physically aggressive sports such as football are not allowed. Students should report any problems immediately to an adult on duty.

HONOR ROLLS: The purpose of the honor roll program is to recognize and honor students who have attained outstanding academic success and to provide positive reinforcement that inspires all students to strive even harder and perform at their highest level in all subjects LES has two academic honor rolls that are recognized each nine-weeks and at the end of the school year:

Principal’s Honor Roll: Grades 2-5: All grades listed on the report card must be an “A” (90 or better)

A/B Honor Roll Grades 2-5: All grades listed on the report card must be “B’s” or better (80 or better)

ADDRESSING PARENTS’ CONCERNS: At times, a parent/guardian may have concerns about his/her child’s performance or about an academic or discipline issue. Here are the steps to follow to address your concerns.

Step One: The parent/guardian should first discuss the issue with the specific teacher by telephone or in person after making an appointment.

Step Two: If this telephone conversation or meeting does not resolve the parent/guardian’s concerns, then the parent/guardian should go to the appropriate assistant principal and discuss the issue by telephone or in person after making an appointment.

Step Three: If, after speaking with the assistant principal, the parent/guardian still cannot resolve the problem or concern, the parent/guardian should go to the principal and discuss the issue by telephone or in person after making an appointment.

Step Four: If the issue remains unresolved, the parent/ guardian may contact the District Office and speak with the director or coordinator who works with the area concerned.

Step Five: If, after speaking with the director or coordinator, the complaint remains unresolved, the parent/guardian should go to the chief officer who works with the area concerned.

SchoolMessenger: is a telephone/text messaging system that helps the district and schools get messages to staff, students and students’ parents/guardians quickly by telephone. The district and schools can use the system to let parent/guardian know when his/her child misses a day of school, or what he/she needs to bring to registration or for a field trip. Parents/guardians can create a contact preference profile or update preferences using SchoolMessenger’s “Contact Manager” website. This feature allows you to control the ways in which you prefer to be contacted. It also works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed. A link to SchoolMessenger’s Contact Manager website appears on the “I AM… A Parent/Guardian” page of the district’s website.

Student Resource Officer: Lexington District One in partnership with Town of Lexington Police Department supports an SRO for LES each school day.

August 20-23 – Parents may walk their child to class in the morning.

Beginning August 26 all parents/visitors must sign-in to go past the

front office foyer. No parent walk-ins from the back of the school.

There are NO walk-up dismissals in the afternoon.

Student drop-off  in the front starts at 7:00a.m. 

Student drop-off in the back starting at 7:15a.m.

Lunch with your child will begin on September 3.

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