LES Faculty & Staff Directory

Jim Hamby, principal – jhamby@lexington1.net
Alicia Prezzy, assistant principal – aprezzy@lexington1.net
Michele Zee, assistant principal – mzee@lexington1.net

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Office Staff:
Rayna Brandes (Special Services Secretary) – rbrandes@lexington1.net

Karen Criner (Executive Secretary) – kcriner@lexington1.net
Lauren Henry (Secretary) – lnhenry@lexington1.net

Karen Martin (Secretary) – kmartin@lexington1.net
Jane Pinkham (School Nurse) – jpinkham@lexington1.net
Ann Stokes (School Records Operator) – astokes@lexington1.net

Kindergarten Teachers:
Porsche Knight  – pknight@lexington1.net

Deborah Marcolinidmarcolini@lexington1.net
Julie Mentnechjmentnech@lexington1.net
Catherine Williamscpwilliams@lexington1.net

Kimberly Scircle (4 CD) – kscircle@lexington1.net

Kindergarten Assistants:
Amber Collins – acollins@lexington1.net
Jennifer Henson – jhenson@lexington1.net
Deloris Whisonant – dwhisonant@lexington1.net 
Karen Gregory – kgregory@lexington1.net
Jane Anne Derrick (4 CD)- jderrick@lexington1.net

1st Grade Teachers:
Angela McMichael – amcmichael@lexington1.net

Miranda Milesmmiles@lexington1.net
Susan Woodsswoods@lexington1.net
Ashlee Young aayoung@lexington1.net

2nd Grade Teachers:
Kristin Bell  kbell@lexington1.net

Kirstin Cogdill – kcogdill@lexington1.net
Jean Morganjmorgan@lexington1.net
Brittany Shull –bshull@lexington1.net
Mariel Taylormataylor@lexington1.net

3rd Grade Teachers:
Spring Bridgerssbridgers@lexington1.net
Molly Scottmscott@lexington1.net
Erin Waters – ewaters@lexington1.net
Andrea Whitleyawhitley@lexington1.net

4th Grade Teachers:
Amy Berryaberry@lexington1.net
Kristin Buck – kbuck@lexington1.net
Janet Danielsjdaniels@lexington1.net
Ashleigh MacGillivery- amacgillivray@lexington1.net
Brooke Perry –sperry@lexington1.net

5th Grade Teachers:
Christy Hookerchooker@lexington1.net

Sharon Paeth spaeth@lexington1.net
Linda Roshto – lroshto@lexington1.net
Mandy Snipes msnipes@lexington1.net
Susan Williamssuwilliams@lexington1.net

Related Arts:
Belinda Finley (Inquiry Lab) – bfinley@lexington1.net
Lisa Panter (Inquiry Lab) – lpanter@lexington1.net
Rebecca Spires (Art Teacher) – rlspires@lexington1.net
Kristen Williams (Music Teacher) – krhyner@lexington1.net
Cassie Lund (Music Teacher) – clund@lexington1.net
Theresa Johnson (P.E. Teacher) – tgjohnson@lexington1.net
Kim McLemore (P.E. Teacher) – kmclemore@lexington1.net
Carmen Bermudez (Spanish) –cbermudez@lexington1.net
Yadira Rodriquez (Spanish) – yrodriquez@lexington1.net

Instructional Support Team:
School Counselors
Michele Grahn -1st, 3rd, & 5th Grades (& Hughey) – mgrahn@lexington1.net

Michelle Privette  –  K5, 2nd, & 4th Grades (& Montondo) – mprivette@lexington1.net
EAGLE Teachers
Lynn Dempsey (EAGLE and IB) – ldempsey@lexington1.net
Kandace Stratton (3rd Grade EAGLE) – kkstratton@lexington1.net

RTI Interventionists
April Hamilton – ahamilton@lexinton1.net
Susan Kirlough – skirlough@lexington1.net
Courtney Leaphartcleaphart@lexington1.net
Kristen Peterson – kpeterson@lexington1.net
Instructional Coaches
Jamie Hudson (Literacy Coach)- jhudson@lexington1.net
Lisa Ross (Math Coach) – lross@lexington1.net
ESOL Teacher
Kathy Shahoud (ESOL Teacher) kshahoud@lexington1.net

Learning Commons
Susan DuBose (School Librarian, Webmaster & PR) sdubose@lexington1.net
Wanda Bach (Learning Commons Assistant) wbach@lexington1.net
Travis Newell (Technician) – tnewell@lexington1.net

Special Areas:
Special Education
Oana Dorling (Special Ed Teacher) – odorling@lexington1.net

Cathy Drafts (Special Ed Assistant) –  cdrafts@lexington1.net
Marie Welch (Special Ed Assistant) – mwelch@lexington1.net
Kayla Hite – (3/4 Special Ed Teacher) – khite@lexington1.net
Carol Leonard (3/4 Special Ed Assistant) – cleonard@lexington1.net
Beverly May (3/4 Special Ed Assistant) –bmay@lexington1.net
April Hughey (Special Ed Teacher) – ahughey@lexington1.net

April Morgan (Special Ed Assistant) – amorgan@lexington1.net
Debra Montondo (Resource) – dmontondo@lexington1.net
Leigh Ann Palmer (Resource Assistant) – Lpalmer@lexington1.net
Mary Ashley Rodriguez (Resource) – mrodriguez@lexington1.net

Rachel Whitaker (Speech) – rwhitaker@lexington1.net
Jacy Haselden (Speech) – jhaselden@lexington1.net
Kim Poulton (Speech) – kpoulton@lexington1.net
Mary Rachel Scott (School Psychologist) –scottmaryy@lexington1.net
Morgan Tolley (Preschool Psychologist) – mtolley@lexington1.net
District Social Worker
Kay Carrillo – kcarrillo@lexington1.net

LES Food Services/Cafeteria
Pam Comer Davis (Food Service Manager) – pcdavis@lexington1.net
Lynette Proffitt (Food Services Operator) –  – lproffitt@lexington1.net

Custodial Staff
Steve Gilbert (Head Custodian) – sgilbert@lexington1.net
Calvin Oakman (Assistant Custodian) – coakman@lexington1.net

Resource Officers
Officer Steffonie Cockerill  – scockerill@lexington1.net
Officer Jonathan Williamson –