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April 2017 LES Newsletter

Elementary Breakfast Menu April 2017

Elementary Lunch Menu April 2017


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March Newsletters and Cafeteria Menus

March 2017 Newsletter

Elementary Breakfast Menu March 2017

Elementary Lunch Menu March 2017

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Flu Parent Information

February 22, 2017

Dear Parents:

We are beginning to see more flu and flu-like illnesses in our school. For that reason, we are being proactive and are working with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to monitor flu conditions and to make decisions about the best ways to protect our students and staff. DHEC tells us, for instance, that it is not too late to get a flu vaccine.

Our school is fortunate to have a registered nurse, Ms. Pinkham, who is monitoring students and watching for flu-like symptoms (temperature of 100 degrees or more, headache, muscle aches, sweating, sore throat, cough, extreme fatigue).

In addition, our nurse and our teachers also regularly emphasize health, hygiene and safety by talking about the importance of frequent hand washing; good hand-washing habits and good cough technique in order to reduce the spread of any disease. We also make sure students have easy access to tissues, soap and running water, or alcohol-based hand cleaners.

You can help, too. If your child complains about not feeling well, please check your child’s temperature before sending him/her to school. If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more before you give him/her Tylenol, Advil, Motrin or some other appropriate fever reducing medication, keep your child at home. You see, adults can pass the flu virus to other adults up to one day before and three to seven days after symptoms start. Children, on the other hand, can pass the virus for longer than seven days after their symptoms begin.

Flu spreads when a person who has the flu coughs, sneezes or talks sending the virus into the air. Other people then inhale the virus, which enters the nose, throat or lungs of a person and begins to multiply, causing symptoms of influenza. Less often, flu spreads when a person touches a surface that has flu viruses on it — a door handle, for instance — and then touches his or her nose or mouth. Once an individual is exposed to the virus, it takes one to four days (on average two days) for that individual to develop symptoms.

Once the fever breaks (this usually takes from three to five days) and your child no longer has a fever or sign of a fever without the help of Tylenol or another product, please keep your child home for another full 24 hours — even if your child is using an antiviral medicine.

Finally, we know how important your children are to you and that you want to know when your child is sick so that you can pick your child up from school. Please make sure that our school has your correct and current emergency telephone numbers. After all, we know that you don’t want your sick child spending hours in the health room because we can’t reach you.


James H. Hamby


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February Newsletters and Cafeteria Menus

February 2017 School Newsletter

February 2017 Elementary Breakfast Menu

February 2017 Elementary Lunch Menu

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Class Pictures This Week

fotocamera-800pxClass Picture Day – January 24  for 4K, 5K, 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade

Class/Club Picture Day – January 25  for 2nd grade, 5th grade, Band, Cat’s Choir, Strings, LES Live News Team, Friendly Helpers and Student Council.

Order forms and information will come home Tuesday. Class pictures must be pre-ordered. We cannot accept orders after January 24th.

Club pictures (LES Live, Band, Strings, Cat’s Choir, Student Council, Safety Patrols) – please indicate on your order form if you would like to purchase a club picture. ($12.00 each)

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January Newsletters and Cafeteria Menus

News_Header__Arvin61r58cember/January School Newsletter



January Elementary Breakfast Menu

January Elementary Lunch Menu

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Weather and School Messenger Information

nicubunu_Weather_Symbols_Snow_StormIt’s that time of year! During the next couple of months, inclement winter weather may impact our area. In an effort to help you prepare for any school schedule changes, delays or closings, please login to SchoolMessenger ahead of time to check or update your communication preferences.
https://contactme.schoolmessenger.com or

Thank you!

Parents/guardians can get weather information about school delays and closings from the following methods:

*Wait for the District’s School Messenger system to call you.
*Follow Lexington District One on Facebook or Twitter.
*Follow Lexington Elementary on Facebook or Twitter. (We retweet weather info from Lexington One.)
*Visit the District’s website – www.lexington1.net.
*Call the District’s 24 hour pre-recorded message system – Dial 803-821-1299, press 2, then press 1 for late breaking news.winter-snowflake
*Listen to local radio stations and/or television stations.
*Visit television websites – www.wistv.com or www.wltx.com.

Please do not call the school or district office regarding weather.
Please refer to page 40 of your Lexington One Parent/Student Handbook for additional information.

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December/January School Newsletter & Lunch Menus

pine-winter-800pxDecember/January School Newsletter

December Elementary Breakfast Menu

December Elementary Lunch Menu

January Menus

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LES Winter Concert – Monday, December 19th at 6 PM

winter-snowflakeLexington Elementary Band, Strings, and Cats’ Choir students will present their 2016 Winter Concert on Monday, December 19th, at 6:00 PM in the LES Café. Traditional holiday instrumental and choral music and other winter selections will be featured. Several students will accompany the choir’s entrance song on the bass xylophone, alto metallophone, and alto glockenspiel. Choir students will also perform choreographed moves, sing canons, and music from the Broadway musical Rent. Vocal solos feature the Cats’ Choir members and students who are also in The Lexington One Honor Choir and the South Carolina Elementary Honor Choir.vector-musical-1

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LES Students Singing with Lexington One Honor Choir at State House.

vector-musical-1The Lexington One Honor Choir is singing this Thursday, December 1st, for the Governor’s Carol Lighting at the State House – 6:00 PM. LES has two students in the group, Dakota and Bella.  If you cannot attend the live performance, it will be broadcast live on ETV!  We also have several students who were former LES students, now at LMS, who are also part of the honor choir this year!  Camille Jones, GMS, and Tricia Hood, LES, co-direct the Lexington One Honor Choir, and Mary Anne Tillman, of Richland One, will be directing the mass choir this year at the State House.   There will be approximately 200 children from around SC singing with the choir at theState House on Thursday.

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