Thank You For A Successful Book Fair and Family Night!

Thank you to all that came out to support our 2nd annual, Circus Family Math, Literacy & Book Fair Game Night! We more than doubled our attendance from last year!  We had over 250 families that came through to play educational games, code, listen to a storyteller, have fun in the photo booth or shop our book fair!

We are already planning for next year!

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Letter from Dr. Little regarding weather make-up days

** Please note that our next Collaborative Planning Day will be Wednesday, October 17th instead of October 24th.

October 1, 2018

Dear Parents:

As you remember, students missed four school days (Tuesday, Sept. 11, through Friday, Sept. 14) by order of Governor Henry McMaster due to Hurricane Florence.

By law (Section 59-1-425 of the South Carolina Code of Laws), districts are required to include at least three severe weather makeup days in each year’s academic school calendar. In the 2018–2019 academic school calendar, Lexington District One designated February 18, March 15 and April 22 as those severe weather makeup days.

That same section of the law prevents school districts from beginning school before the third Monday in August, although we know that high school students and their parents and teachers would like first semester to end before Winter Break.

Our original calendar allowed that to happen by planning a shorter first semester (83 days) than our second semester (97 days). The loss of four instructional days in the first semester, however, makes the difference between semesters too great.

Simply adding four days to the second semester does not solve our first-semester students’ need for more instructional time before taking exams during the first semester.

As a result, the district will change the calendar and move second nine weeks testing and high school final exams after Winter Break. This will allow us to restore instructional time lost in first semester due to Hurricane Florence and more closely balance the two semesters.

We will make up three of the four school days by using the three days already designated as severe weather makeup days on the 2018–2019 academic calendar: Monday, Feb. 18, Friday, March 15, and Monday, April 22.

State law requires that the calendar be 180 days long. In order for that to happen, the board will need to make a decision about when the fourth day will be made up or forgiven. We are proposing to the Board of Trustees that we could make up the fourth day by adding another instructional day, Thursday, June 6, to the academic calendar. The board will consider their options at a future meeting.

These changes shift first and second nine weeks testing dates, days scheduled as half days, report card distribution dates and the last day for teachers.

As you know, we canceled the Collaborative Planning Day scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 19, and made it a full school day. By doing that, we recovered some instructional time, but this change did not make Sept. 19 a makeup day as it was already a scheduled school day.

With the calendar shifts, the October Collaborative Planning Day moves to Wednesday, Oct. 17, from Wednesday, Oct. 24, in order for teachers and students to have a full school day immediately before Nine Weeks Testing begins on Thursday, Oct. 25.

We hope that by letting you know now about these shifts in the academic calendar, you have time to adjust your calendars and any affected plans. Here is a link to the new calendar with changes marked in red.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Dr. Greg Little, Superintendent

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Band and Strings participants – Mandatory Parent Meeting






If you are interested in participating in BAND or STRINGS this year, there is a mandatory parent orientation meeting for 5th grade parents.
The meeting for BAND is on Thursday, September 20th at 6pm in the cafeteria.
The meeting for STRINGS is onThursday, September 20th at 6:30pm in the cafeteria
Parents do not need to attend both, just which ever one their child is interested it.  Students can attend but are not required.  If there is a conflict, parents need to contact Kristen Williams at or 803-821-4076.

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Scholastic Book Fair, September 24-October 3rd

Our Fall Scholastic Book Fair will be held Monday, September 24th, through Wednesday, October 3rd.  We will be open daily from 7:15am – 2:30pm.

Scholastic is offering eWallet now as a check and cash-free way for your child to shop the fair. There is no charge to set up an eWallet.  Simply go to the below website, create an account and authorize a spending limit to have funds immediately available for your child to choose the books they with for!  Any funds not used will be returned to your account.

If you can’t make it in we have our online fair available at:

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We Are Watching the Weather

District officials will keep parents, staff and students up to date if the weather affects school openings or closing by using SchoolMessenger to get emergency and other messages out quickly by telephone.

Parents can also get information about school openings and closings in Lexington One by watching local television stations, going to media websites, listening to local radio stations, checking the district’s website at or by calling the district’s 24-hour recorded telephone message center at 803-821-1299 (press 2, then press 1 for late breaking news).

Parents may also visit television websites – or
Local media outlets will run the information as well.

Please do NOT call the schools or the District Office about the weather delays.  We need to keep our lines open for the day to day operation.  Please refer to your Lexington One Parent/Student Handbook for additional information.

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First In Math – new instructions

For 2018-19, the district is leveraging a new option for accessing First In Math via the Lexington One Clever portal. Clever will also be used for to support the new K-8 Computer Science curriculum standards.

For students who would like to access First In Math at home or elsewhere when not at school, they can find the Lexington One Clever portal at Here are instructions that can be shared for students using First In Math when not at school: Instructions for logging into First In Math at Home through Lexington One’s Clever Portal.

For other family members who would like to use First In Math at home, the process is the same as in 2017-18.

Click on the following link for pictorial instructions:
Log into First In Math at home through Lexington One’s Clever Portal

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Cub Scout Sign up tonight at LES

Come join us tonight, 6-7:30pm, in the Cafe to learn about Cub Scouts and to sign up!

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Run Hard Registration is Now OPEN! Sign up now!

Run Hard is an afterschool program that meets after school on Monday and Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.  It’s for boys and girls in 2nd-5th grade.  Registration (includes T-shirt) is currently open through September 7.  All participants must register online at

Run Hard utilizes character-based concepts to teach running, healthy lifestyle, and decision-making.  The final 5k race is November 3 at 8 am. It’s going to be a great season!

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Cats Choir Orientation Meeting, Thursday August 20th at 6pm

Cats Choir News
There will be a very important Cats Choir orientation meeting for all 4th and 5th grade students interested in singing this school year.  If your student is planning on being a member of Cats Choir this school year, the parent MUST attend this meeting.  Your child bought home a flyer about this orientation meeting at the end of the first week of school.  Be on the look out for it.  The meeting is on Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the art room.  Parents and students can enter through the courtyard doors in the front of the school leading to the art room.  If you have a conflict with this orientation meeting, please contact Mrs. Williams by Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

Email:         Phone:  803-821-4076

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LES Birthday Book Club is Back!

We will be selling Birthday Books Sunday!  Please bring exact change or check for $15 if you would like to sign up Sunday!

Celebrate your child’s birthday by joining the LES Birthday Book Club!
By joining the LES Birthday Book Club, your child will:

  • Choose a book from the special Birthday Book Club cart in the Learning Commons
  • Have his or her name placed on a bookplate inside the front cover of the book
  • Be the first to check out that book from our library
  • Get a special birthday prize

Complete the form (linked) below and send it back to school along with your contribution of $15.00 (please make checks payable to LES).  Your child will select a book from our LES Birthday Book Club cart. Your child will be the first to check out their book!  After your child has shared the book with family, they will return the book to the LES Learning Commons for many other children to read and enjoy. The book will have a label indicating that it was a birthday book to your child.  Joining the Birthday Book Club is a great way to celebrate a birthday and will help our library build a supply of new and exciting books. If you have any questions, please let us know!


Birthday Book Club form, click to print a copy, complete and return to LES!

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